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By and large, I have no complaints about working from home. I love it. I’ve always wanted to be a freelance writer, and so a home office has always been a default part of that dream. Buuuuuut, sometimes I suddenly remember something about having a “real job” that I sort of miss. Really? Even with all the pajama working and make-up not wearing and proximity to dogs? Yes, really.

Welcome to the home office. Again.

Welcome to the home office. Again.

While it’s not part of my life philosophy to gripe (with the exception of griping about bigots, bullies, jerks and oppressors, which I love to do), I found that identifying the things I miss about office life help me find ways to recreate them. For instance, some friends and I now co-work every Wednesday to help fulfill our craving for office chatter. It’s really super terrific. Now I just need to find the solutions to these things I genuinely miss:

    • The Commute Oh, come on, right? While I don’t miss driving or paying for gas, I do miss the solace of a morning commute, having the mental space to prepare for the day. I miss the decompression of an afternoon drive. I miss listening to Michigan Radio every day at a set time without having to think about it. Not only was getting to and from work a nice mental exercise, but it also bookends the workday. Bookends are something I do not have.
    • Running a Quick Errand Contrary to logic, I feel far less able to give myself time to run out for a coffee or pop out for a quick errand in the middle of the day now than I used to. Time feels different in self-employment. It doesn’t feel like there’s time for a break, no matter how fast it might be.
    • Going Out to Lunch Going out to lunch is amazing. And I never do it, because my whole kitchen is within shouting distance — I mean, regular speaking voice distance — from my office.
    • Wearing Real Person Clothes, Doing My Hair I do not in the slightest bit mourn the extra sleep I get now that my eyes open time and begin work time are minutes apart. That said, sometimes I miss the motivation to become presentable. There’s never time in the morning, and by 2pm it’s just silly.
    • Movement All of the above things have movement in common. Perhaps the greatest drawback to working at home is the sedentariness of the job. It’s not that I’m being lazy, there’s just no where to go! If there’s any bit of office life I have to find a way to reintegrate into my life, it’s movement. Before my body starts giving out on me.

Has anyone who works at home found solutions or substitutes to any of the issues above? If so, I’m listening.